We carry a variety of lighting options, from chandeliers and pendants to table and floor lamps. Our lighting fixtures will create the perfect lighting or mood in your home! Come in today to review our extensive collection of lighting products and begin your brighter future tomorrow!

Kichler Lighting

Stunning lighting fixtures made for all occasions and needs. Kichler lighting is a wonderful company that carries a wide variety of lighting products from chandeliers all the way to products that will help to turn your landscape into a wonderland! From wall sconces and ceiling mounts to chandeliers and more, each fixture offers expressive characteristics that flow beautifully into the next.

Kuzco Lighting 

Kuzco Lighting is the perfect example of how adding a little bling and a little shine to your lighting can really change the look and feel of a room. Their attention to detail is prominently shown throughout each product. Your space will never be the same with the help of Kuzco Lighting and the Right Carpet and Interiors Design Consultants.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a thing of genius. Now you can take that once dark corner of your counter that you never used and turn it into a highlighted area of your space. The under cabinet lighting comes in three different variations of of brightness that are sure to suit your needs.

Please ask our associates for the more information of how you can brighten up your kitchen lighting.

Kichler Fans

Kichler, along with their endless collections of beautiful lighting fixtures, have created wonderful selection of ceiling fans in various sizes and styles to help with all of your needs. Whether you want it to have a light or just the fan, Kichler and the Right Carpet Team can help you choose the perfect look!